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Every facility manager and gym owner would rather spend time creating a fantastic user experience than negotiating and ordering climbing wall equipment from dozens of vendors. Eldorado helps make that more than wishful thinking. Through and our customer service team, you’ll benefit from:

  • A single customer portal that has all the products you need to launch your wall and to keep it geared-up and looking good throughout its life.
  • Access to leading manufacturers like C.A.M.P, Petzl, Evolv, Sterling, Asana, and more.
  • A long-term source for ideas and support as your climbing program grows and evolves.

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TRUBLUE™ Auto Belays

Ensure user satisfaction, grow revenue, increase safety

An auto belay is an automatic belay device that eliminates the need for a human belayer. It takes up the slack as a climber ascends and controls the descent when the climber reaches the top or in the event of a fall.

Why use an auto belay?

  • Attract individual climbers. Climbers don’t need a partner. Single climbers can come in whenever their schedule allows giving them the opportunity to visit your facility more frequently.
  • Reduce barriers to entry. Climbing can be intimidating for beginners and a facility can attract more new participants by minimizing the barriers to entry. Auto belays eliminate the need for belayer training and testing allowing new participants to just clip in and climb.
  • Provide a unique endurance training tool. Using an auto belay device gives single climbers the ability to climb up and down routes continuously without the need to take turns with their climbing partner.
  • Increase programming while decreasing staff costs. Hold more classes, birthday parties, and other group programs while keeping staff costs to a minimum. Move the auto belays to the areas where programming occurs and fewer staff members will be needed to belay or supervise your climbers.
  • Minimize your facility risk. The biggest risk in running a climbing facility is falls related to belayer human error. Auto belay devices virtually eliminate the human error factor from the equation reducing your risk.

PROTEC® Flooring System

ProTec is a multi-layer flooring system designed to be aesthetic, easy to maintain and highly durable. Climbing wall operators prefer ProTec because it is soft enough to reduce the impact of a falling climber, but firm enough to support ladders and wheelchairs for efficient routesetting and accessibility.

  • 5½” dual density impact distribution system
  • Open and closed cell foam, including Dollamur
  • Captures chalk dust to keep air & merchandise clean
  • Easily maintained by vacuuming
  • Durable, low maintenance materials
  • Wear-resistant Cordura edging with “no profile” seam treatment
  • Available in Red, Blue, Black or Gray
  • Self install or professional installation available

Custom Flip-up Pads

If your climbing wall is in a multi-purpose area and space is an issue, Eldorado’s custom “Flip Up” pads are perfect for you! Custom fit pads can also be used to discourage people from using the walls in off hours.

  • Assorted sizes to fit any wall
  • 3.5″ or 6″ thick, depending on the size of your wall
  • Dual density foam
  • Durable 18 oz. vinyl cover
  • Velcro flap attaches pads together
  • Hanging system to close off wall when not in use
  • NO CLIMBING printed on bottom of every other mat

Warning: Climbing is inherently dangerous. The equipment descriptions here are not meant to be an instructional booklet. Anyone using this gear is personally responsible for learning the proper techniques. All equipment specifications are the manufacturers. Climbing equipment is specifically designed for climbing only, has limitations, and must not be used for any other purposes. Improper use or misuse increases risk of injury, paralysis and death.