PRISMA Climbing Panels bring rock climbing AND style to the home.

Climbable, wall-mounted, DIY hexes offer a world of design and climbing possibilities.

Boulder-based Eldorado Climbing Walls has added the hex-shaped, PRISMA Climbing Panels to their line of do-it-yourself, home climbing wall options. Each PRISMA is $299 and comes with the proprietary FREEMount Flange, allowing PRISMAs to be mounted on virtually any stud or CMU wall without needing to install ledgers.

The PRISMAs are the first DIY climbing panels to move beyond a basic square or rectangle and the first to allow mounting without pre-installing ledgers. Let your imagination run wild as you layout your wall. Don’t worry about sticking to right angles or forcing panels to be contiguous. The FREEMount Flange lets a PRISMA mount virtually anywhere there are two studs in the wall or to any location on a CMU wall.

“PRISMAs are all about ease, imagination, and affordability,” notes Kevin Volz, CEO for Eldorado Climbing Walls. “The panels are gorgeous, unconventional, and ready for climbing. Create a contiguous honeycomb or let the hexes meander to form a path that’s a bit wabi sabi. The FREEMount Flanges are the foundation for the flexibility. And the most beautiful part may be that you can install a real climbing wall in your home for only a few thousand dollars.”

PRISMA Climbing Panels retail for $299. Each panel .measures 4’-1 7/8” wide x 3’-7 3/16” tall x 2” total depth. They are designed for indoor installation only and weigh approximately 45 lbs.each. A maximum of 250 lbs per person is recommended for individual use. Each PRISMA is part of a kit that includes: (1) PRISMA Panel, (1) FREEMount Flange, (2) Alignment Dowels, (6) Panel Connector Screws, (3) 6″ Screws.