Climbing Wall Refurbishing

Give your climbing wall a facelift

Eldorado Climbing Walls makes your existing climbing wall look even better than new. Our revolutionary pliable wall resurfacing system, EldoTex, can be applied over existing cementitious climbing wall surfaces to revitalize and renew your climbing wall. With our climbing wall refurbishing service, we accentuate the best parts of your existing climbing wall structure and change any elements that are no longer working for you. The result is a wall that is even more beautiful and durable than ever.

Because we use a thin-coat system, it gives your wall a facelift without sacrificing performance. Our texture is applied to your wall in a 1/16″ thick layer, allowing handhold fasteners to remain fully functional. Once applied, the surface is custom stained to breathe new life into a well used climbing feature. The result is a beautiful surface that is stronger and more abrasion-resistant than the original surface.

In addition to resurfacing , Eldorado’s wall refurbishing service gives you the opportunity to:

  • Add new features: Update your wall and engage your climbers with new and exciting features.
  • Incorporate new design elements: Your wall was state of the art when it was built, but you may want to reframe sections of your wall to bring your climbers’ experience to a new level. Maybe you have a feature that is not highly used or limits your route setting potential. You can even add rock realistic terrain to your wall, improving aesthetics and providing showcase terrain. Our service allows you to incorporate the latest innovations in climbing wall features using your existing structure.
  • Fix damaged wall sections: Improve the appearance and performance of your wall by repairing any damaged climbing terrain.
  • Increase your programming terrain: Include a rock realistic section for instructional classes and anchor building clinics to increase your programming ROI.