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  Company Description: Eldorado Climbing Walls creates the finest rock climbing walls in the industry. As one of the oldest climbing wall manufacturers in the country, our experience and expertise are second to none. We work with you to create a wall that is visually stunning, offers exceptional climbing and complements the architecture and traffic flow of your facility. We offer turnkey climbing wall systems to meet any need. From the simple design of our SOLIDRock traverse panels to a completely custom REALRock system, our blue sky design will make your vision a reality. We manufacture and install a variety of climbing walls using a wide range of manufacturing and construction techniques.   Job Description: Climbing Wall Construction Crew members install climbing walls of all types in a variety of facilities across the country. Crew size can range from 3 to 10, and project duration can range from 1 week to several months. Construction Crew must be proficient in many construction processes and techniques including welding, carpentry, plastering, shotcrete, hardware, and general construction. It is assumed that all Construction Crew have a background in construction and will be fast learners of all the specifics needed for all types of Eldorado Climbing Walls. Steel erection/welding experience and/or shotcrete experience are strongly preferred. Construction Crew will spend the majority of the year traveling with opportunity for time off between projects. Transportation, lodging and per diem are provided during projects.   Summary of Key Responsibilities:
  • Safety (minimum OSHA 10)
  • High Quality Workmanship
  • Efficiency
  • Learning all the structural and mechanical details needed for construction of all Eldorado Climbing Walls
  • Learning the artistic details needed for construction of all Eldorado Climbing Walls
  • Being reliable and responsible, being a valuable part of the crew, and being an excellent representative of Eldorado Climbing Walls
  • 3 years of professional hands-on construction skills including ownership of basic tool belt-type personal tools. Welding, carpentry and concrete/plaster/shotcrete skills are preferred
  • Commercial job site experience and knowledge of OSHA regulations preferred
  • An eye for craftsmanship
  • Strong work ethic and motivation
  • Ability and desire to lead a traveling and working lifestyle
  • Valid Driver’s license
  • Mandatory 30-day performance review
  • Residence in the states of Colorado or Florida