“The excitement in this room is off the charts,” commented Kevin Volz, Eldo’s CEO, as he watched the first group of kids at the Variety Boys and Girls Club begin scaling their brand new rock climbing wall. “This really is the embodiement of our motto, ‘Everyone should climb.’ I love it!”

Yesterday, Volz joined pro-climber Kevin Jorgeson (of Dawn Wall fame), brothers Dan and Dave Chancellor of the climbing hold and gear company So iLL, Blake Mycoskie the founder of TOMS, representatives from Touchstone Climbing, and the actor Jason Momoa of Aquaman, along with Patricia Siqueiros, VBGC Executive Director, her staff, and the VBGC Board of Directors for the grand opening of the new Eldorado-built 1Climb climbing wall at the Variety Boys & Girls Club (VBGC) in Los Angeles, CA.

The Variety Boys and Girls Club serves over 2,500 kids of all ages from in and around the Boyle Heights area of Los Angeles. The other 1Climb climbing walls are in the Hoover Club of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater St. Louis and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Sonoma Valley in California.  All are the brain-child of Kevin Jorgeson and are part of his effort to get 100,000 kids climbing.

Learn more the nonprofit 1Climb and how you can help donate funds for wall number 4 at 1Climb.org