Eldorado Climbing Walls kicks off fundraising campaign for adaptive climbing nonprofit, Paradox Sports.

“Everyone should climb” is more than a corporate slogan for new owner Kevin Volz.

Kevin Volz, the new owner and CEO of Eldorado Climbing Walls, invites individuals and companies to join him in donating to Paradox Sports. Volz kicks off the campaign with a donation of $6,600 and a commitment to donate 5% from the sale of Eldorado’s Climbing Slabs and Panels going forward. Paradox Sports is a leader in all-things adaptive climbing. They get individuals with a physical disability rock climbing through trainings, trips, equipment, and teaching other organizations how to facilitate adaptive climbing programs. Donations can be made through paradoxsports.org or contacting Executive Director Mike Neustedter, (720) 638-5593 or mike@paradoxsports.org.

“They are now climbers. Not one-legged climbers or blind climbers, just climbers . Paradox helped them become part of a vast community of other climbers. Notice that “disabled” wasn’t in the storyline. That’s the way they want it, “observed Volz after attending a Paradox event and getting to meet a number of adaptive climbers. “Paradox Sports introduces folks to the big, bold world of climbing and shares adaptations that help them scale their objective whether that’s a 10 foot boulder or El Cap.”

“I know what it feels like to clip the chains at the end of a route or stand on the mountain peak,” shares Volz. “You feel powerful, free, accomplished. You feel like a bad a**! What could be better than helping someone who’s suffered a physical trauma feel that too? Or give someone that happened to be born into the world with a physical difference a community of people who can help them adapt and get on with climbing. Ultimately, unless you’re Alex Honnold, we all need to adapt to climb whether it’s using crampons and tools to hang off ice or ropes and gear to safely reach the ground. I want to be a part of this. Eldorado has supported Paradox Sports in various ways over the years and now I want to kick it up a notch and help make a significant impact.”

Photos from a recent Paradox traing for the staff and community at projectROCK Climbing Gym in Oakland Park, FL.