The company with over 25 years of building climbing terrain for over 2000 clients and that spawned Head Rush Technologies and the TRUBLUE Auto Belay, now proudly brings you…

Kinetix™ Action Towers™

Nothing else compares to the opportunities offered by this new action architecture.

Kinetix™ Action Towers™ Patent Pending


Kids AND adults LOVE these action elements.

A wide range of ages love the huge variety of challenges and difficulties.


Guests return to enjoy the easily swappable features.

Keep it interesting by changing action elements or modifying activities with add-ons.


Profit from high throughput on each Action Tower™.

Each station uses TRUBLUE Auto Belays and entertains up to 12 guests at a time on a single tower.

Add action features where you never could before.

Designed to fit into virtually any building, Action Towers™ are freestanding, have a small footprint, and come in 4 heights.

Contact us to learn more about Kinetix™ Action Towers™.