Landmark Series Climbing Boulders

Hand-sculpted. Hand-painted. Instantly recognizable.

Imagine the surprise, excitement, and Instagram posts that will happen when your guests and community members see a climbable Delicate Arch or Devils Tower far from Utah or Wyoming.

These climbing boulders are functional works of art made from hand-sculpted, hand-painted shotcrete.

  • No special equipment needed like ropes or climbing shoes
  • Devils Tower dimensions – 12’ h x 13.5’ l x 12’ w
  • Delicate Arch dimensions – 12.5’ h x 17’ l x 7.5’ w
  • Can be installed outdoors or indoors

NOTE These climbing boulders are artistic interpretations of iconic locations. Expect a recognizable structure, but don’t expect to find a recreation of El Matador.


Delicate Arch & Devils Tower