Eldo Board

Use with any interactive training hold system

This elegant canvas is ready for you to install your preferred interactive training system.

The Eldo Board accommodates all of the major interactive hold systems - Kilter, Moon, and Tension. Or you can set the board with any non-interactive climbing holds.

  • Indoor installations only
  • DIMENSIONS: 15’ 6" MAX height x 13’ wide x 22’ deep w/ flooring​
  • WALL ANGLES: 20-80 degrees from horizontal or 10-70 degrees from vert​ical
  • T-nut layout matches your designated interactive system
  • Manual adjustment (no hydraulic system maintenance) with backup system
  • Stamped engineering in all 50 states
  • Self-installable
  • High quality powder coated steel support structure
  • High-end natural surface finish
  • Cleanable with rag and water


  • Lighting Kits
  • Flooring / Fall attenuation
  • Handholds
  • Tools

Important Shipping & Installation Details

  • Eldo Board ship on a pallet via freight
  • Pallet Size: 150in x 46in
  • Pallet weight: 1950 lbs
  • EITHER a forklift or a group of people who can carry the largest piece that weights 300 lbs