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91 fitness centers chose Eldo walls to provide a new dimension to workout possibilities.

Adding climbing wall to your health club or wellness facility has many advantages.

  • Climbing walls differentiate you from your competitors.
  • Appeal to the diversity of activity fitness fanatics crave.
  • Climbing is a full body workout in an activity that feels like play. Increase your member retention.
  • Climbing is addictive.
  • Climbing is not just for adults. Eldorado offers climbing panels that can easily be installed into your childcare rooms and introduce children to climbing.
  • Increase your revenues with the ability to charge for programming. Kid’s parties, climbing clubs, and climbing certifications are just a few of the potential money-makers.
  • Climbing is a “primal movement” so it can help capture potential members that are looking for functional fitness or training for your local mud run.