High Performance Wall - Measured in Decades™

The ultimate marriage of form and function, High Performance Wall™ is the wall choice of professional climbing facility managers. High Performance™ walls use features such as dihedrals, aretes, cracks, arches, roofs and expanses to create the ultimate routesetter’s canvas.

Ideal for:

  • Colleges/Universities
  • Military
  • Recreation Centers
  • Climbing Gyms
  • Bouldering Gyms
  • Racquetball Court Conversions
  • Homes


  • Custom designed and built to suit your facility
  • Limitless architectural configurations and aesthetic options
  • High density of handhold fasteners for maximum routesetting functionality
  • Planar surfaces allow for placement of all size handholds
  • Can include hand-sculpted cracks
  • BOMBProof™ steel substructure
  • Combined with REALRock Wall™ to unite the operational goals of an indoor climbing gym with the experiential desires of climbers