Breathe new life into your old walls. Refresh.

Eldorado is the industry leader in climbing wall refurbishment and expansion. Before you consider starting from scratch, think about what you can do with what you have while keeping your business open and running.

  • Update the paint scheme.
  • Adjust terrain to make it easier or more challenging to climb.
  • Create a programming/party wall.
  • Patch grooves from carabiners.
  • Replace worn draws, harnesses, and shoes.
  • Add new features like a rappel ledge, a roof, or a crack.
  • Paint your logo on your walls.
  • Upgrade your flooring.
  • Replace old t-nuts with new ones.
  • Replace bolted anchors with belay bars.
  • Add TRUBLUE Auto Belays.

BEFORE ReFresh - Triangle Rock Club, Morrisville

AFTER ReFresh - Triangle Rock Club, Morrisville