If you don’t have time to take the kids to the outdoor playground to burn off some energy, wouldn’t it be great to have an indoor playground in your rec room or kids’ room?















With TacTile Modular Climbing Wall Panels, you can create a low-profile jungle gym in an afternoon. Mix and match the TacTile shapes to create all sorts of kid-friendly arrangements. Color options range from bold and bright to subtle neutrals. Use Discovery Climbing Panels with a few Solos to make flowers and pinwheels. PRISMAs combined with ClimbingSLABs lend themselves to imaginary spaceships and futuristic worlds.

Download these printable coloring pages to design a wall with your kids.

The panels attach to virtually any wall and are truly DIY. If you can find the studs in your wall, use a screw gun, and have a buddy to hold things in place, you can put together a home climbing wall. The panels come with a special flange that makes wall attachment a breeze. The flange also lets you mount TacTile panels with space between them. Your indoor playground can go around and across corners and from room to room.


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