The Spatula – Rock Climbing Hold


One bolt-on rock climbing feature hold. Great, imaginative shape for kids and beginner climbers.

  • Includes 3/8″ Standard Head Socket Cap Screws aka Bolts
  • Requires 5/16″ allen wrench (not included)
  • Made of super-strong, lightweight polyurethane.
  • Comfortably-grippable texture on the surface.
  • Sometimes referred to as a climbing handle, climbing hold, climbing grip.

Contact the Eldorado Sales Team to confirm which sets and colors are currently in stock. Sets and colors that are not in stock may take up to 30 days to deliver.



  • # Holds – 1
  • Size – Feature
  • Level – Beginner / Kids Climbing Holds
  • Style – Jug
  • Cost – $81

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 16 × 11 in

Orange, Gray, Eggshell, Light Blue, Blue, Dark Blue, Lime, Green, Purple, Eldo Red, Red, Bright Pink, Pink, Yellow, Alt Yellow, Black, Charcoal, Dune, Brown, Sedona