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What do small, medium, and large really mean? We’ve come up with some simple comparisons.

  • EXTRA SMALL – Think bite-sized like a cracker. These are usually footholds or advanced handholds. Climbing shoes are needed for your feet and usually just your fingertips will fit on the edge of the hold.
  • SMALL – These are kind of the size of a small pastry like a donut or a muffin.
  • MEDIUM – Envision a sandwich. These aren’t footlong subs but are the size of your typical white bread pbj.
  • LARGE– You need both hands to eat these. These holds would almost fill a dinner plate.
  • FEATURE – These are “share with the whole family” big. Picture a whole chocolate cake or the largest loaf of bread your grandmother ever baked.

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In climbing, just like all sports, there is a progression in skills and equipment. A first-time climber needs different tools from a pro or even someone who has climbed a few times. Eldo Holds offer the equipment climbers of any skill need.

  • BEGINNER (1-5 Climbing Experiences) New climbers of every age need comfy, deeply cut holds to be able to finish a route. Most of these holds are called jugs, as in you could wrap your hand around it as if it were a jug handle. Human bodies aren’t accustomed to moving with their arms and supporting their body weight with their hands. The right holds allow a climber’s hands to be more relaxed and expend less energy.
  • INTERMEDIATE (6-10 Climbing Experiences) This collection of holds introduces shapes beyond big, comfy jugs. Climbers in gyms and outside encounter holds that vary in shape, orientation, and use. When you add Apprentice-level holds to routes, you provide the opportunity for novice climbers to build new skills and take on a little more challenge.Apprentice holds offer smaller jugs, and moderately sized and comfortably shaped edges, pinches, and slopers. Climbers will need to try different techniques and body position. These holds are still shaped gently enough that climbers can practice and learn without experiencing frustration.
  • EXPERT (Frequent, On-going Climbing Experiences) These are the holds serious climbers want. Surfaces are smaller, angles more extreme, and  slopes super dramatic. These are the holds that will keep climbers coming back over and over again.

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