Installation | Adding Holds | Workouts

Installing Slab Wall Climbing Panels

Basic Installation Guide


Installation | Adding Holds | Workouts

Adding climbing holds

NOTE: On the top 2 Slabs, every hole will have a climbing hold attached–36 holds on each Slab. On the bottom two Slabs, there will be 12 holds on each Slab.

Start with the TOP 2 Slabs

  1. Pick out 6 packages of holds. No need to be picky.
  2. Set aside the remaining 2 packages of holds for the bottom 2 Slabs.
  3. Take the holds from one of the six packages.
  4. Bolt any hold from the package in the hole/t-nut in the top left corner of the left Slab. This is the start of your route.Bolt another hold from the same set in any of the t-nuts in the far right column of the right Slab. This is the end of your route.
  5. Bolt the remaining 10 holds anywhere in between the start and finish holds.
  6. Repeat this process with the remaining 5 packages of holds.
  7. When all the holds are on the wall, you should have 6 routes for your hands.

Now for the BOTTOM 2 Slabs

  1. The holds in the remaining 2 packages can be bolted anywhere on the bottom two Slabs.

That’s it.


Installation | Adding Holds | Workouts

Slab Wall Workouts

Endurance Workout : 30 minutes WATCH VIDEO

See how many routes you can do without coming off the Slab Wall. When you can’t hold on any longer, come off the wall and rest for 2 minutes.

  • Try to move smoothly.
  • Keep your body as close to the wall as you can.
  • You can rest on the wall by bending your knees and hanging with your arms straight.
  • When you feel your forearms burning, shake them out alternating between your arms down and above your head.

HIIT Workout : 30 minutes

Try to do as many routes back and forth in 30 seconds then step off.

  • Don’t worry about form or where you put your feet.
  • Keep moving as quickly as you can.
  • When you are resting, shake your arms, out alternating between your arms down and above your head.

Core Workout : 10 minutes

Do 6 routes back and forth in a row and skip every other handhold when you do each route. After you finish the 6, come off the wall to rest for 30 seconds. Repeat.

  • Keep your back as straight as possible and your torso as close to the wall as possible.

Ways to Keep the Workouts Fresh

  • Change the orientation of the holds–Try turning every other hold 180 degrees or 90 degrees. This make the holds harder to hold onto and uses muscles in different ways.
  • Move the feet–Try making some really high on the lower panels and some father apart. This will casue you to strech or crunch in new ways and really work your core.
  • Get a friend involved
    • Point out the hold for your next move
    • Play Simon Says moving to different colors
    • Play vertical Twister