At Eldorado, our mantra is “Everyone should climb.”

We believe that the Climbing Slabs™ help make that a reality.

Eldorado’s do-it-yourself Climbing Slabs™ are:

  • Low cost
  • Easy to install
  • Ultra-durable surfaces
  • Super-climbable textures
  • T-nuts already installed
  • Great colors
  • Did we mention t-nuts are ALREADY installed?

Get some Slabs. Get CLIMBING!

Installing Climbing Slabs is a breeze. Attach 2x4s to the studs in your wall or to your cinder block /concrete wall. Step by step directions come with the Slabs.

Climbing Slabs™—ONLY $199

These beautiful, functional 42″ x 42″ climbing wall panels can be mounted to virtually any wall. They are made from super durable OSB engineered plywood and come coated with sand and epoxy coating. The t-nuts are in place and ready for routesetting. In no time flat, get climbing and create an architectural statement.

  • Textured epoxy coating in a variety of standard colors. Custom colors available for an extra charge
  • Indoor or sheltered outdoor space
  • Create traverse walls or roped climbing terrain
  • Easy to install with basic construction skills
  • Created from high density engineered plywood

Examples Each 42″ x 42″ panel costs $199 USD. Holds, shipping, installation and floor pads are not included.

  • 10 panels: $2,000 USD (7’ x 17’6″, 2.1336m x 5.334m)
  • 20 panels: $4,000 USD (7’ x 35′, 2.1336m x 10.668m)
  • 30 panels: $6,000 USD (10’6″ x 35’, 3.2004m x 10.668m)