Focus on the climb, not the floor

Give you and your climbers peace of mind by installing the right flooring.

Eldorado offers three options for bouldering flooring and roped climbing wall flooring. PROTEC is a 2-layer, carpet bonded foam that is perfect for taller walls designed for top rope and lead climbing. For bouldering walls, Eldo offers 12" foam covered in a vinyl or nylon sheath.

Modular Nylon Bouldering Flooring

  • 12” standard high-density impact foam
  • Custom thicknesses available up to 18”
  • Tear-resistant, ballistic, easy-clean nylon weave with Velcro seams
  • Modular pads are individually removable or replaceable
  • Available with professional installation or as self-install


  • 5 1/2” dual density impact distribution
  • Carpet-bonded top layer over foam
  • Easily maintained by vacuuming
  • Captures chalk dust to help keep the space clean
  • Wear-resistant Velcro seam strips and Cordura edging