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Everyone should have a chance to climb

Eldo is spreading the word. Climbing walls
should be accessible.

“A myth we’re working to dispel is that adaptive climbing is just dumbed down normal climbing,” comments Mo Beck, a World Champion adaptive climber. “People often assume that adaptive climbing just needs to be easier. They think an accessible wall would just be easy terrain, and that’s just not true at all. For example, seat climbers campus for 45 feet because they’re so insanely strong.” Adaptive climbing is about allowing people of all ability levels to move around, interact with, and ascend a wall comfortably, regardless of a route’s difficulty.

Accessibility is also about including everyone who may not climbing on the wall. Service dogs, parents with strollers, a friend using a wheelchair, a family member who just comes to cheer and has mobility challenges.

READ MORE about how we worked with the National Ability Center in Park City, UT to add an accessible climbing wall to their world-class facility.

LEARN MORE about adaptive climbing through these organizations -- Paradox SportsNational Ability CenterAdaptive AdventuresParaclimbing, USA Climbing IFSC Paraclimbing

Eldorado offers a few different services and tools that can help you look at your current or future facility through an accessibility lens.

Adaptive-ready Checklist

What if you could make simple adjustments to your current climbing facility or plans for your new climbing terrain and building that would make your place accessible and welcoming to all those people with physical differences a.k.a. EVERYONE?
This guide offers tips on how to make sure your place is accessible-ready.

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Accessibility-forward Design

Creating a new gym, adding climbing walls to an existing facility, or refreshing your walls and want to incorporate more adaptive-friendly features? Request a free consultation

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Accessibility-focused Inspections

When Eldo conducts your 3-yr, CWA recommended climbing wall inspection, you will receive feedback on improvements that could be considered for your wall(s).

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