Resorts & Ski Areas

Delight your guests with convenient adventure

Aspen Snowmass, Vail, Stowe, Mammoth, and Snowbird trusted Eldorado to build world-class climbing terrain for their world-class resorts. Elevate your guest experiences.

These organizations understand that climbing walls are more than just a stunning architectural piece for their resorts. Climbing terrain is a powerful revenue generator for year-round operations.

Here are the top 7 reasons to add a climbing wall to your ski area or resort:
  • Proven financial success - NSAA National Summer Survey of Ski Operators Survey revealed that outdoor and indoor climbing walls are among the top 10 summer amenities that make money
  • Virtually no maintenance costs
  • Built to last - Our indoor and outdoor walls and boulders are designed to last decades
  • Low staffing costs and high throughput - Use of TRUBLUE Auto Belays or bouldering height walls eliminate the need for a manual belayer and time-consuming guest belay training and testing for climbers
  • Family-friendly - The whole family can climb. So long as a child can walk and fit into the appropriate harness, she can enjoy climbing with the rest of the family. Individuals with physical disabilities and other special needs can be readily accommodated
  • Provides a healthy, non-competitive activity - 2013 NSAA National Survey of Summer Destination Travelers cited “non-competitive recreational activities” as a top 10 reason for visiting a resort during the summer months. Rock climbing fits that description
  • Manage facility traffic flow - Climbing is an excellent, quick option that can provide an alternative to waiting in a long line for other resort activities