Home Climbing Walls

A playground & gym of your own. Kid, family, climber approved.

Home gyms and indoor playgrounds made easy.

Beauty, durability, and climb-ability…Eldo has rock climbing walls and boulders to match your aesthetics, interests, and budget. We have you covered from easy-to-install DIY climbing panels to full custom builds. Climbing walls can play so many roles in a home:
  • Playground for the kids
  • Sports court for you and your guests
  • Training tool for climbers
  • Beautiful showpiece in a dream home
  • Getting started on your Olympic Sport Climbing dreams
Whatever the role, Eldorado has a home climbing product that can match your needs:
  • Modular or custom
  • Futuristic, realistic, or both
  • Indoors or outside
  • Traverse walls, bouldering walls, boulders, tall walls with belay bars and auto belays, or something in between
  • And the ultimate, ready-to-install climbing panels to create your home climbing wall