Imagine the possibilities.

Overview of the DIY Climbing Panels

Low-profile, durable, simple to install, and incredibly stylish

Add climbing into spaces you never imagined.

Perfect for:

  • home
  • schools
  • offices
  • resorts
  • any underutilized wall indoors or outside

Match your aesthetic.

Mix and match colors and textures with flat and 3D surfaces.

Give your wall visual depth and interesting climbing options

Get dimensional.

Mix & match panels with Eldorado's unique mounting frames to create a beautiful wall with a 3D effect.

Choose from 3 styles frames to easily install Square, 3D Square, Hex, and 3D Hex Climbing Panels to your wall.

  • Flat Frames
  • Box Frames
  • Wedge Frames

Indoors & Outdoors

No matter where you'd like to build your climbing wall, we have a solution for you.

The East Button

Packages with Climbing Holds

Customize pre-configured layouts or design your own wall from scratch .


Simple & Intuitive

Installation is a breeze

These two videos show the process step by step.

Installation with Frames

Installation with Ledgers

NOTE Product names may have changed but the steps are still the same.