DIY Climbing Panel FAQs

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DIY Installation

Do I need a contractor to install these? The DIY panels are made so the anyone can successfully install them, even if you're not necessarily 'handy'.

How do I install the panels?

Directions on installing panels with frames (formerly known as FREEmount Flanges) can be found in this INSTALLATION VIDEO.

Directions for installing panels using ledgers is in this INSTALLATION VIDEO

What tools do I need to install? What does my wall need to be made of? Do I need to buy screws? A drill, level, and stud finder are required for install. Panels can be installed on CMU, Concrete, or studs. You may need to buy screws depending on the type of panel you've purchased -see your install instructions for details. You CANNOT install to brick or rock veneer.

Can I cut the panels? The ONLY panel that can be cut is a Climbing Slab that will be mounted using ledgers. Note that the slabs have a routered, finished and painted edge, and you will be sacrificing that edge when you make a cut. You CANNOT cut a Square that will be mounted with a frame.

Mounting Climbing Panels Using Ledgers

In the world of home climbing walls, ledgers are 2 x 4s that are mounted horizontally to a wall by screwing them to the studs in the wall. These allow for more attachment points for the panels since the panels are screwed to the ledger and not into the studs which have a specific spacing. It also lets you use virtually any handhold with a bolt that is too long so that it pokes back behind the panel when completely screwed into the hold. If the bolt is too long and bumps into the wall directly behind the panel, you will end up with spinning holds because you can't tighten them down. The ledger provides enough space for most bolts to be completely tightened without hitting the back wall.

Mounting Climbing Panels on Frames

A mounting frame is flange made in the shape of the climbing panel that fulfills the functions of a ledger. The frame is narrow and the center is empty. You screw the frame to the wall studs INSTEAD of using 2 x 4s.
  • No buying 2 x 4s
  • No cutting
  • Frames and their corresponding panels can be mounted discontiguously. Since they are sized to cross at least two studs for attachment, you can mount them so they don't touch and have different orientations.


What is the texture on the panels? The texture is grippy and slightly rough. We use a sand mix in the paint to create a climbing surface suitable to create friction for climbing shoes.

How many t-nuts are there per panel? T nuts are the pre-drilled holes with hardware where you can mount handholds, and indicate the maximum number of handholds you can fit on a panel.

  • Slab Panel -25
  • Explorer Panel-5
  • Prisma Panel -19
  • Solo Panel-5
  • 3D Prisma Panel -19
  • 3D Slab Panel -25
  • SOLIDRock Panel -17
  • Blocks Panel -12
  • Crystal Panel -22
  • Bubbles Panel -22
  • Wave Panel -22
Are custom colors available? Custom colors are available in wood panels only, upon request for an additional fee and lead time.


Do I need pads on the floor? We always recommend floor protection. Check out our FLOORING OPTIONS.

What should I get? For walls less than 10' bouldering (no ropes), flip up pads or drag mats are sufficient. For bouldering from 10-15 feet and above, you will need specialized bouldering flooring. Contact our team for options. Roped climbing can use any type of climbing flooring.

How does my flooring ship and how do I install it? Drag mats ship disassembled with the foam compressed. You will need to stuff the foam into the shells. Flip-up pads ship fully assembled in mattress boxes.


Do I need to do anything to take care of the wall? Our walls are very low maintenance. Any dirt can be wiped off with a damp cloth. Handholds can be run through the dishwasher, though you certainly don't need to. T-nuts may strip or come loose over time and are easily replaceable.


Panels are shipped by freight. Freight deliveries are definitely different from UPS, FedEx, or USPS.

It is CRITICAL that you provide Eldorado with the ACTUAL PHONE NUMBER of the ACTUAL HUMAN who will be ONSITE to receive the shipment.

  • That person MUST answer their phone in the days leading up to the delivery.
  • The driver will call that person directly to arrange delivery. We all want to avoid spam calls, but the truck driver will NOT just show up hoping someone is home.
  • The driver will ONLY remove the pallet from the truck and put it on the ground next to the truck.
  • Inspect the outside of the package BEFORE you open it and take photos if you see any damage. Send the photos and details to
  • One or more people need to be onsite to unpack the package with the panels and carry the panels to their final destination.
  • Inspect the panels as you unpack them and if you see and damage, take photos of the damage and send the photos and details to

When will my order ship? While we try to have stock on hand, most panels and handholds are built to order. Lead times vary, but on average ship 3-4 weeks after the order is placed, and then shipping can take up to a week. Please chat with sales if you have any questions or need a more exact timeline.

Is there an option other than LTL freight to ship my panels? All of our panels (excluding Solos) must ship via LTL freight, or be picked up in Louisville, CO. They ship on pallets and are large and heavy. We do not currently have a different option.

I ordered panels and handholds and other accessories. Do they all come together? An order of just handholds typically ships via FedEx. If they are not an in-stock set, they will ship within 2-3 weeks. Other items like panels will ship separately, so you may be receiving a few different shipments. Panels and flooring are the only delivery you will need to schedule - the rest will arrive via FedEx as standard delivery.

Why is shipping on the panels so expensive? We need to ship our panels via LTL freight due to the weight and size of the shipment and have found this to be the the most secure way to get you your panels in fantastic condition.

How is it delivered? How much do they weigh? Panels arrive on a pallet. The freight carrier will bring the delivery to your home or business and place the delivered pallets on the ground by the truck. It is the responsibility of the customer to retrieve the panels from there. You will need to be onsite to receive the panels. They cannot be left on your curb or driveway without you. We require the phone number for an actual person on location where the delivery is to be received. Additional fees may apply if they aren't able to reach the person on location or the panels have to be stored if you are unable to receive them within a reasonable timeframe.


Do handholds come with the panels? No, handholds are ordered separately so you can get the type of holds that best suit your needs.

How many handholds should I buy? Eldorado recommends 8 handholds per most panels, 5 holds per Explorer Panel and 3 holds per Solo panel.

How do you put them on and where do they go? The holds bolt onto the panels with a large allen wrench. They can be placed wherever is comfortable. Routesetting resources can be found online.