Fractal Climbing Panels

Artist Collaboration with James Davis 

Unique patterns created through Lichtenberg burning 


Compliment your space with functional works of art.

James Davis is a master of the Lichtenberg wood burning technique. His application of this technique creates stunning and totally unique wood-based artworks. James has partnered with Eldorado to offer Slab Climbing Panels that are one-of-a-kind–literally. 

To make these Slabs, James takes a board made of high quality birch, applies an electrically conductive material to the surface, then sends an electrical current across that surface. Where the current travels, the surface is burned and resembles lightening bolts or trees. 

 The finished Fractal Slabs are all ONE OF A KIND. The exact eletrical path can never be repeated.

  • 42″ x 42″ 
  • Birch
  • Super-durable, climable coating
  • 25 t-nuts in place and ready for routesetting
  • Indoor or sheltered outdoor space
  • Create traverse walls or roped climbing terrain
  • Easy to install with basic construction skills
  • 38 lbs each