GlowHolds Interactive Climbing System

Programmable  /  Touch-sensitive  /  Super-simple

GlowHolds Overview

Using hexagonal panels covered in climbing holds that change color and detect touch, GlowHolds delivers a climbing-inspired experience that is safe, fun, and accessible.

Simple to Layout

The online layout planner makes wall design painless.

Simple to Install

Using detailed instructions, plug-and-play hex panels, and the included mounting brackets, nearly anyone can install a GlowHolds wall in an afternoon.

Easy To Use

Use a kid-friendly ClimbItControl mini-hex to select fun games and activities that promote problem solving.

Easy To Manage

Our website provides a simple interface to configure, control, and monitor GlowHolds

Reasonably Priced

The Starter Package includes:

  • 4 GlowHolds hexes
  • 1 ClimbItControl mini-hex with pre-installed software
  • 10 Pre-programmed activities
  • 12 Pre-installed climbing holds

Starter Package

$4,999 + taxes & shipping

Additional Hexes $1,199

Replacement ClimbItControl $299 + taxes & shipping