GlowHolds Interactive Climbing System

Programmable  /  Touch-sensitive  /  Super-simple

Interactive Climbing Enlightened

GlowHolds Hex

With hexagonal panels that leverage our patented technology to change color and detect touch, GlowHolds delivers a climbing-inspired experience that is safe, fun, and accessible.​

Hex panels are designed for maximum placement versatility and are self-installable on an appropriate support structure including CMU, Concrete, Metal Studs and Wood Studs and other commercial or residential wall structures.

-62 lbs with holds and mounting flange, max load capacity 250 lbs-


GlowHolds Activities

Cloud Based Games

GlowHolds games are a great way to introduce kids to climbing. With activities that are designed to improve climbing technique and games that are just plain fun, GlowHolds offers climbers of all ages a fun and engaging experience.

Dynamic Routes

With GlowHolds, users use our ClimbItControl to dynamically select a route that is then illuminated by GlowHolds. That’s right, many different routes on the same wall and no more confusing tape!

Simple Installation

Using detailed instructions, plug-and-play hex panels, and the included mounting brackets, nearly anyone can install a GlowHolds wall in an afternoon.

Easy To Use

Use a kid-friendly ClimbItControl mini-hex to select fun games and activities that promote problem solving.

Easy To Manage

Our website provides a simple interface to configure, control, and monitor GlowHolds.