Elements & Add Ons

For Kinetix Action Towers

Keep your guests coming back again and again. Our modular system is a cost-effective way to exchange Elements or incorporate Add On features.

Adjustable Chimney

Single climber element • Adjustable width 12 - 84 in • Available clear or colored

Bring Your Own Planks

Dual climber element • Cooperative (using long planks) • Competitive (using only short planks)

Disc Grips

Dual climber element • Discs rotate 120 degrees • Discs can be re-configured

Floating Volumes

Dual climber element • Accepts add-ons (e.g. holds, ice climbing kit, and more)

Face Off

Dual climber element • Difficulty per hold set/color • Accepts most Add-Ons

Etrier Ascent

Single climber element • Adjustable ladder spacing (from 1ft to 4ft) • Adjustable rung spacing

Double Ropes

Single or dual climber element • Easier: Single rope, wrapping legs or feet • Harder: Single or double rope, hands only • Hardest: Hands only, legs in straddle or pike position

Double Poles

Single climber element • Adjustable width (1ft to 5ft) • Easier: Pull against both poles with hands, push with feet • Harder: Push against both poles with hands and feet • Hardest: Climb a single pole

Suction Cups

Dual climber element • Easier: feet in stirrups • Harder: feet pressing against sides • Hardest: hands only

Leaning Ladder

Dual climber element • Four climbable faces • Adjustable tilt

Lines of Ascent

Single climber element • Includes: rings, ice axes, bars, and handles • All items retrievable from the floor 

Log Lasso

Single climber element • Climb with webbing, rope, or just your hands and feet

Floating Panels

Dual climber element • Panels wobble and swing • Accepts any Add On

Floating Steps

Dual climber element • Steps twist and shake, grabbing ropes, pockets, and steps for support • Difficulty per hand placement

Yoyo Barrel

Single climber Element • Easier: Walk forwards • Harder: Walk backwards • Near impossible: No Hands

Block Build

Single climber Element • Blocks can be passed up by hand or via pulley

Add Ons

Panel Plus

Single or dual sided (for two climbers) • Choose an Add On set or mix and match set components

Planes Add Ons

Horizontal, vertical, or 45 degrees • Available with holes or t-nuts (as shown) • Mix and match with other Add Ons

Barn Doors Add Ons

Vertically mounted only • Available with holes or t-nuts (as shown) • Mix and match with other Add Ons

Circles on Circles Add Ons

Fills entire Panel Plus • Two floating layers

Pipes Add Ons

Horizontal, vertical, or 45 degrees • Longs and shorts in every set • Mix and match with other Add Ons

Rowdy Rollers Add Ons

Easier: climb the front of the tubes • Tougher: mantel in between • Available as singles or a set

Constellations Add Ons

Easier: Hands on dots, feet anywhere • Harder: Hands on lines, feet anywhere • Hardest: Hands on lines, feet on face of wall 

Spinning Disks Add Ons

Multiple disc sizes • Can fill entire Panel Plus • Mix and match with other Add Ons (e.g. Pipes, Holds, etc.)


Crack climbing • Crack width can be made wider or narrower

Also available...

Speed Climbing Package