Home Climbing Walls & Boulders

Beauty, durability, and climb-ability…Eldo has walls and boulders to match your aesthetics, interests, and budget.

Climbing walls can play so many roles in a home.

  • Playground for the kids
  • Entertainment for guests
  • Training tool for climbers
  • Beautiful showpiece in a dream home

Whatever the role, Eldorado has a home climbing product that can match.

  • Modular or custom
  • Futuristic, realistic, or both
  • Indoors or outside
  • Traverse walls, boulders, tall walls with belay bars and auto belays, or something in between
  • And the ultimate, ready-to-install climbing panels to create your woody.

Custom Home Climbing Wall with Art by James Davis

As seen in the Wall Street Journal

The Jessen Family wanted an exciting space for the family to exercise and play. The surface of the wall is decorated through a special process called Lichtenberg Burning. The artist, James Davis, is a part of Eldorado’s Artist Collaboration Series. 


Custom Home Bouldering Wall

Eldorado’s designers packed a lot of climbing terrain with in a single room with a typical ceiling height. The bouldering wall has lots of features including a huge prow.


Custom Backyard Climbing Boulder

Wouldn’t you love to boulder on a boulder…in your backyard? Eldorado’s design team can create a climbing boulder to match any range of bouldering grades and rock types. The boulder in the photo is hand-painted and hand-sculpted to resemble a granite boulder including a “quartz” dike running through it. The boulder was crafted in the Eldorado shop in Louisville, CO.

Custom Home Climbing Wall with TRUBLUEs

This wall graces one side of an indoor sports court. The wall needed to be articulated but also low enough profile so that it didn’t interfere with the use of the floor. TRUBLUEs were chosen so family and friends could climb alone and without neededing a second person as a belayer. 


DIY Home Climbing Wall Panels

Choose from a wide variety of of shapes and colors to build your own home climbing wall. Perfect for children and adults. Extremely simple to install. Create a design that works with your interior design or outdoor space.


Avon, CO

  • Panelized Wall System
  • 900 sq ft

Silverthorne, CO

Evergreen, CO

Scottsdale, AZ

Golden, CO

Here are additional locations where Eldorado has constructed home climbing walls in private residences. The names of the families are withheld for their privacy.

  • Park City, UT
  • Boulder, CO
  • Newton, MA
  • Mission Hills, KS
  • Niwot, CO
  • Denver, CO