How to Build a DIY Home Climbing Wall

How to Build a DIY Home Climbing Wall

Whether you want to build a home rock climbing wall for training and exercise or create an indoor playground for the kids, DIY Climbing Panels from Eldorado Climbing are the best option for installing a beautiful rock climbing wall fast. You avoid HOURS of extra steps.

  • Surface is pre-painted and textured.
  • T-nuts are already in place and ready for the addition of climbing holds.
  • The proprietary FREEmount Flange is the easiest mounting method for installing panels. Watch the quick 2 minute install video and see what we mean.

Follow these few steps and get climbing in no time flat!

  1. Explore the catalog and DIY Look Book. Mix & match panels to create 1000s of possible looks and climbing surfaces. Choose from:
    -10 different colors
    -6 possible images
    -5 shapes
    -7 3d surfaces

  2. Download the free and simple LAYOUT PLANNER
    DIY climbing wall layout plannerDIY Climbing Wall Layout Planner
  3. Print a couple copies and arrange the shapes until you get the design you'd like. Each square on the grid represents 1 foot x 1 foot so you just need to draw an outline around the area you want to fill with panels--for example, if the space is 8 ft high, count up 8 squares, and 10 ft wide, count across 10 squares.
  4. Now choose your handholds. Plan to place about:
    -2 holds per Solo Panel (the narrow panel)
    -5 holds per Explorer Panel (the pizza shaped one)
    -7 holds per square panel (Slabs, Artist Series)
    Our catalog of climbing holds include sets that will work for kids and beginners to advanced clambers who need training-worthy chips and crimps. 

    rock climbing holds for sale in 20 different colors
  5. Order the panels and holds online or give us a call at 303-447-0512.
  6. When your new holds and panels arrive, review the directions shipped with the panels and gather a few tools:
    -stud finder
    -tape measure
    -screws based on your stud type--options will be in the directions
  7. Watch the 2 minute installation video and see step-by-step installation in action.

You really can be climbing in just a few hours.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. We're ready to help 8am-5pm Mountain Time.

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  • 303-447-5193

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