Climbing Wall Refurbishment

Breathe new life into your facility by investing in the future of your most important asset.

For a fraction of the cost of new climbing walls you can:
  • Add 10+ years to the life of your existing walls.
  • Help retain members and employees.
  • Stay relevant in your competitive marketplace.
Eldorado’s industry-leading climbing wall refurbishment service offers ala carte options:
  • Update the paint scheme.
  • Patch and repair wall surfaces.
  • Adjust under-utilized existing terrain.
  • Add new features like a rappel ledge, a roof, or a crack.
  • Add new terrain like a programming/party wall.
  • Replace worn-out equipment.
  • Upgrade or replace worn flooring.
  • Replace old t-nuts with new ones.
  • Replace bolted anchors with belay bars.
  • Add TRUBLUE Auto Belays.
BEFORE - Triangle Rock Club, Morrisville
AFTER - Triangle Rock Club, Morrisville