Exclusive distributor of KINETIX ACTION TOWERS to trampoline parks

Louisville, CO, August 18, 2020— Eldorado Climbing has partnered with Shock Trampoline Parks of Coeur d'Alene, ID, to be the exclusive distributor of KinetixTM Action Towers for the trampoline park market segment. Shock, a firm that provides custom patented trampoline park builds and custom park equipment, is offering the full KinetixTM line of towers and elements as new installations for existing trampoline parks or as integrated elements in new trampoline park build-outs.

Designed as a collection of innovative, freestanding support structures that accommodate modular, kinetic, climbable Elements, KinetixTM Action Towers is the evolution of action architecture. The individual Elements provide a range of difficulty appealing to a broad range of ages and can be modified over time to keep customers coming back. “

Aligning Eldo’s industry-changing KinetixTM Action Towers with Shock’s innovative trampoline equipment and demographic-defying park design makes all the sense in the world,” notes Kevin Volz CEO Eldorado Climbing. “We can’t wait to partner with Shock on the three towers to be installed at Flying Squirrel Sports’ new flagship location in Everett, WA. It will be a great platform from which we can showcase the range of products we can offer the trampoline park market.”

“Shock Trampoline has partnered with industry leading manufacturers whose products not only complement our patented trampoline park equipment but who also share our commitment to excellence and high quality standards,” comments Luke Schueler, CEO Shock Trampoline. “Eldorado Climbing is leading the climbing industry with their superb designs and creative vision. Their Kinetix Action Tower line is the perfect attraction to pair with our high-quality industry-leading trampoline park builds. Some of the most important innovations and unique attractions come about as the result of two industry leaders coming together to form a strategic partnership!” For more information visit www.ShockTrampoline.com

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