North Face Fifth Avenue Store Climbing Wall

North Face Fifth Avenue Store Climbing Wall
Eldorado's Climbing Slabs hit the big time. A set of gray Climbing Slabs can be seen in the new North Face Fifth Avenue Flagship Store in New York City. Customers who want to try out rock climbing shoes, harnesses and other climbing gear, will get the chance to do so on the Eldorado-designed custom bouldering wall. This wall is just one of a number of merchandising fixtures Eldorado has created for retailers including REI.

The North Face wall was intended to be reminiscent of a traditional home climbing wall, but taken to the next level. The Eldorado designers needed to make a wall that would work with the high-end store's aesthetic, which is super-clean and modern, and make it robust enough to endure legions of shoppers. The Climbing Slabs were the perfect durable option.

Order some Climbing Slabs today and make your dream home climbing wall.

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