How to Build a Home Climbing Wall

How to Build a Home Climbing Wall

How do you build a climbing wall at home? 

Easily. Use the beautiful, simple-to-install DIY Climbing Panels from Eldorado Climbing. Unlike when you build a plywood climbing wall, you don't need to build a frame, set t-nuts, cut plywood, apply texture, or paint anything (unless you want to with our Paint Your Own Panel options.) You get to follow a few easy steps with no construction experience required. Watch the quick 2 minute video to get climbing in no time.

How tall should your home climbing wall be?

The height is usually determined by how high the ceiling is in the room. The rooms in most homes in the U.S. are about 8' high. That's plenty high to create a great bouldering wall, also known as a traverse climbing wall. If you have higher ceilings, you can create a climbing wall that uses top-ropes or auto belays.

What else needs to be considered for the climbing wall installation?

Climbing panels need to be installed on walls that have wood or metal studs or are made of grouted CMU. Also, you should be able to have 6 feet in front of the wall. If furniture is in that zone normally, make sure you can move it out of the way whenever anyone climbs.

How do you pick the right panels?

Explore the Catalog and Gallery to see the shapes and styles available to create the perfect home climbing wall. You can filter by indoor and outdoor, options specifically for kids, 3D panels, and more. You can also choose from a variety of climbing wall kits with hand holds included.


This 2 minute video walks you through the layout and installation process.

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