PROTEC® Flooring System

ProTec is a dual-density flooring system designed to be aesthetic, easy to maintain and highly durable. Climbing wall operators prefer ProTec because it is soft enough to reduce the impact of a falling climber but firm enough to support ladders and wheelchairs for efficient routesetting and accessibility.

  • 5½” dual density impact distribution system
  • Open and closed cell foam under a carpet-bonded top layer
  • Captures chalk dust to keep air & merchandise clean
  • Easily maintained by vacuuming
  • Durable, low maintenance materials
  • Wear-resistant Cordura edging with “no profile” seam treatment
  • Available in Red, Blue, Black, Purple, Maroon or Gray
  • Self install or professional installation available

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Climbing Wall at Colorado Mesa University-Grand Junction, CO

Eldo Traverse Wall Mats

If your climbing wall is in a multi-purpose area and space is an issue,Eldo Traverse Wall Mats are a must-have item. These climbing wall mats can also be used to discourage people from using the walls in off hours.

  • 4′ wide x 6′ tall
  • 3.5″ thick
  • Durable 10 oz vinyl cover over foam
  • Velcro flaps attach pads together
  • Hanging system included to close off the wall when not in use

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Climbing Wall at Colorado Mesa University-Grand Junction, CO