46 rock climbing gyms and counting…

  • Do you dream of arches, roofs, corners, slabs, and cracks?
  • Are you ready to create a space where new climbers can learn and practice basic techniques and seasoned climbers can hone their climbing skills and train?
  • Do you want to create a hub for a vibrant climbing community?
  • Are you looking to invest in a rock climbing wall that will last decades, not just years?

Eldorado Climbing Walls‘ design team is ready to craft the space that matches your vision.


List of Climbing Gyms Built by Eldorado Climbing Walls

Woman climbs a stalactitie and stalagmite in an indoor climbing gym built by Eldoado Climbing Walls


  • APPROX 18,000 sq ft of bouldering and roped terrain
  • PRODUCTS & FEATURES – High Performance Wall™ and RealRock™
    • 4000′ rock-realistic terrain carved and painted to look and climb like Devil’s Tower, Yosemite, and Red River Gorge
    • 15′ tall bouldering walls
    • Over a dozen continuous, climbable cracks
    • 60′ tall stalactite/stalagmite feature
    • Roped climbing walls from 40′-60′ tall
    • Climbable arch with a roof crack
    • Rappel ledge


Woman climbs on a sunlit prow in the indoor rock climbing gym Adventure Rock MKE built by Eldorado Climbing Walls

Adventure Rock MKE

  • APPROX 13,000 sq ft of bouldering and roped terrain
  • PRODUCTS & FEATURES – High Performance Wall™
    • 16′ tall bouldering terrain
    • 3 climbable cracks – hand, finger, fist
    • A climbable, diagonal flake
    • 1 chimney
    • Fins that allow for seperate instructional or kids rock climbing areas


Man boulders on the bouldering wall at the Portland Rock Gym designed and constructed by Eldorado Climbing Walls

Portland Rock Gym Expansion

  • APPROX 1o,000 sq ft of new bouldering and top rope terrain
  • PRODUCTS & FEATURES – High Performance Wall™ & Panelized Wall System
    • Gigantic 19′ boulder, the tallest top-out boulder among the Portland gyms
    • 95 linear feet of bouldering walls surrounding the top-out boulder
    • 2100 sq ft of separate instructional, roped-climbing walls including climbable cracks and less than vertical terrain


The Hive North Shore – North Vancouver, BC

  • APPROX 18,000 sq ft of bouldering terrain
  • PRODUCTS & FEATURES – High Performance Wall™
    • Features like the Hex-wing & the Shield create a truly unique look
    • Tops of the walls undulate to mimic local boulders
    • Open-space concept climbing area offers a spectator-friendly environment


Climber seen from below as she is suspended below tall indoor rock climbing walls designed by Eldorado Climbing Walls

Triangle Rock Club Morrisville – Morrisville, NC

  • APPROX 27,000 sq ft of climbing walls
  • PRODUCTS & FEATURES – High Performance Wall™
    • Layout designed to maximize aesthetics, utility, and programming
    • Walls that rise to 55-feet
    • 6,000+ sq ft, 14′-16′ high, freestanding, top-out bouldering with seamless flooring


Santa Barbara Rock Gym – Santa Barbara, CA

  • APPROX 8,500 sq ft of climbing terrain
  • PRODUCTS & FEATURES – High Performance Wall™ and REALRock Wall™
    • Maximized a constrained space by including arches and overhangs
    • Included a rock realistic section containing two climbable cracks
    • Created 50′ lead lines and bouldering terrain up to 14′ tall


True North Climbing – Toronto, ON

  • APPROX 11,000 sq ft of climbing terrain
  • PRODUCTS & FEATURES – High Performance Wall™ and REALRock™
    • 38′ tall hanging stalactite
    • 51 top-ropes, with 2 routes per rope, on walls up to 36 feet in height
    • 95% of the gym is lead and top rope accessible
    • over 150 boulder problems up to 14 feet high


The Hive – Vancouver, BC

  • APPROX 10,000 sq ft of bouldering terrain
  • PRODUCTS & FEATURES – High Performance Wall™
    • 15′ tall walls
    • variety of angles including steeply overhanging terrain, slab and vertical walls
    • 12 ft top-outs
    • traverses
    • high-lip finishes
    • horizontal archway/roof section


The Source Climbing Center – Vancouver, WA

  • APPROX 6000 sq ft of climbing terrain
  • PRODUCTS & FEATURES – High Performance Wall™
    • Maximized space by building tall and including climbable terrain above the bouldering walls
    • Created vibrant paint scheme
    • Creative layout to maximize climbing in a small building footprint


Climbing Gyms built by Eldorado Climbing Walls

  • Anchorage, AK – Alaska Rock Gym
  • Atlanta, GA – Wall Crawlers
  • Bend, OR – Bend Rock Gym
  • Boulder, CO- Boulder Rock Club
  • Brooklyn, NY – UP Brooklyn Climbing & Yoga
  • Fairfield, NJ – New Jersey Rock Gym
  • Fayetteville, NC – The Climbing Place
  • Fremont, CA – City Beach Climbing Gym
  • Frisco, TX – Canyon Climbing Gym
  • Grapevine, TX – Summit Climbing Gym
  • Hamilton, NJ – Rockville Climbing Center
  • Homewood, IL – Climb On Climbing Gym
  • Logan, UT – Rock Haus Gym
  • Manassas, VA – Vertical Rock
  • Medford , OR – Rogue Rock Gym
  • Melbourne, FL – Edge Rock Climbing
  • Milwaukee, WI – Adventure Rock I
  • Milwaukee, WI – Adventure Rock II
  • Morganville, NJ – Garden State Rocks
  • Morrisville, NC – Triangle Rock Club Expansion
  • Portland, OR – Portland Rock Gym
  • Provo, UT – The Quarry
  • Raleigh, NC – Triangle Rock Club North Raleigh
  • Silverthorne, CO – Summit Climbing Gym
  • St. Louis, MO – Upper Limits, Climbing Gym
  • Steamboat Springs, CO – Love Climbing
  • Toronto, CA – True North Climbing Gym
  • Tuscon, AZ – AZ on the Rocks
  • Vancouver, BC – Canada – The Hive North Shore
  • Wildomar, CA – Rock Fitness