Crax Modular Climbing Cracks




The most versatile volumes in the gym.

Crax Panels from Jam Walls offer amazing versatility and affordability for creating a whole new level of gym climbing experience. These patent-pending panels and accessory components can be combined together to form the most realistic crack climbing and training systems available. Crax Systems are designed for beginner and experts to learn, train, and have fun. Crax expands your climbing adventures!

  • Fully-Adjustable
  • 5/8” – 8“ Widths
  • Realistic & Natural Shapes
  • Crack Shapes are Interchangeable
  • Volume Depths 4” and 8”
  • Easy to Mount & Adjust
  • T-nutted so the whole volume can accommodate bolt-on holds and allow creative routesetting
Crax climbing cracks

1) Choose Crax Frames

46″ high by either 8″ deep or 4″ deep 

The 8” depth is ideal for developing all-around crack climbing strength and endurance.

The 4″ depth helps you learn finger jamming technique and build greater finger strength.

4″ Deep Crax Frame

8″ Deep Crax Frame

2) Choose Crax Pod style and color

  • Two Crack Styles
    1. Z Cracks–The crack is more angular.
    2. S Cracks–The crack undulates in a curvy line.
  • Four Levels of Difficulty
  1. Easiest, lots of bends and constrictions
  2. A little harder, fewer bends
  3. Even harder, even fewer bends
  4. Hardest, almost straight, fewest bends


Mix & Match Options

  • Curvy Crack or Z-shaped Crack
  • Amount of Curve  –  Level 1 (lots of curves, easier version) to Level 4 (almost straight, harder version) 


3) Choose Crax Transitions & Ramps

Transition volumes allow you to build Crax that go from one depth to another.

  • The Transition pieces will match the depth and color of the Crax Frames and Pods chosen.
  • Ramps provide an elegant finish to the top and bottom of Crax installations. 
  • The Ramp pieces will match the depth and color of the Crax Frames and Pods chosen.

Example Transition Volume

Example Ramp

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