Backyard Boulders

DIY Bouldering Wall of your dreams. patent pending

This is the backyard climbing wall dreams are made of.

Pick virtually any flat spot for the bouldering wall. Gather 3 or 4 friends to help you put it up in an afternoon. Set a couple problems aka routes. Start climbing with your family and friends.

  • Small (8’ t x 12’w x 7’ d, 125 sq ft) $5999
  • Large (11’ t x 17’w x 11’ d, 245 sq ft) $7999
  • Indoor & Outdoor tested
  • Freestanding
  • Panels come attached on frames ready for assembly
  • Can be placed on compacted soil or concrete
  • Rated for 35 mph wind speed unanchored
  • ASCE 7-16 Anchoring Options to withstand 115 mph in Category C exposure
  • High-end, textured surface finish
  • UV Protective Coating
  • Pressure Treated Framing
  • HDPE Base
  • Cleanable with rag and water
Does NOT Include
  • ASCE 7-16 Anchoring Kits
  • Flooring / Fall attenuation
  • Handholds
  • Tools
  • Custom colors or natural finish
  • Shipping and handling

Indoor AND Outdoor-ready

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Easy to Install

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