Kinetix Action Towers

Unique. Patent Pending 17097317

The Evolution of Action Architecture

  • All Ages and Abilities Enjoy expanded customer demographics with Elements appealing to kids, adults, beginners and experts alike.
  • Modular Easily swap out Elements and Add Ons to keep your Action Tower fresh and exciting.
  • Fits Any Facility Four Tower types and heights to fit any facility.
  • Indoor & Outdoor The Kinetix system is available in Indoor and Outdoor versions.
  • Freestanding Eliminate the cost and hassle of site-specific engineering.
  • Kinetic Dynamic elements enable a truly three-dimensional, kinetic climbing experience.
Patent Pending 17097317

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Las Vegas, NV

The Spy Ninja Headquarters

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The Edge Ziplines & Adventures

Now available for outdoor installations

Add to an existing structure or choose a full Kinetix configuration with a Tower

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Choose Your Towers

Unlike other fun climbing systems on the market, Kinetix Action Towers offer a variety of towers to hold your chosen Elements. Fill your building or outdoor space with towers that best match your local requirements, building structure, and desired flow of guests.

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Choose Your Elements

Pick from an ever expanding array of climbing features called Elements. Mix & match levels of difficulty, number of climbers per Element, and overall aesthetics.

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Keep Your Action Towers Fresh

Keep your guests coming back again and again. Our modular system is a cost-effective way to exchange Elements or incorporate Add-on features.

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Flying Squirrel Everett - Everett, WA Custom Colors and Configuration

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