Shipping Notes

Contact the Eldo Team if you have ANY questions - 303-447-0512 or or click the chat button.

All climbing panels ship inside boxes on pallets via freight. The pallet is typically offloaded at the curb nearest the street.

Think of this like receiving a large wooden chest of drawers. The whole thing is very heavy but you can unbox it, carry in the drawers separately, then have a friend or two help you move the heaviest parts.

Receiving an LTL Shipment

  • For all products, forklift, pallet jack, and/or loading dock makes unloading much easier but are not required.
  • Expect to unload the panels individually from the palette where the driver drops it off. Panels average 40 lbs each. Consider borrowing a hand-truck.
What to Expect from the Freight Company
  • You will receive tracking once your order ships.
  • The shipping company SHOULD call you prior to your delivery date, but they sometimes do not. This is the responsibility of the driver. Eldorado DOES NOT know where the truck is at any given time and has NO communication with the driver.
Inform Eldorado if there is ANYTHING about the delivery location that might make it difficult for a large truck to drive to the delivery location.
  • the access road is narrow, winding, steep, muddy, snowy
  • parking is difficult
  • passcodes are required for entry gates
  • any other circumstances that might hinder the delivery of your order
Inspect your delivered items BEFORE the driver leaves.

If the shipment shows damage on the box or pallet from shipping:

  • Take photographs of everything.
  • Tell the driver you are refusing the delivery.
  • Send copies of the photos, written details, and your web order number to Eldorado via
  • An Eldorado team member will work with you to replace, repair, or provide an alternative solution depending on the nature of the damage.