Affordable, easy to install, with limitless design possibilities.

Create arêtes, roofs, corners, side pulls, overhangs, cracks and change them over time.

Mix and match colors, shapes, depths, and angles to create a DIY climbing wall that is tailored to your space, aesthetic, and of course, your climbers. Make bouldering walls, tall walls for roped climbing, or traverse walls.

Engineered to attach to wood or metal studs, grouted CMU, and solid concrete walls.  Square Set climbing panels are perfect for:

  • Recreation centers
  • Schools
  • Resorts
  • Offices
  • Fitness facilities
  • And of course, private homes.

Add dimension to your low-profile climbing wall. Vary the difficulty of climbing while making visual impact. Choose colors that match your interior design or brand identity.

All modular climbing panels in the Square Set are:

  • Painted with a textured, durable, easy to clean coating.
  • 42" wide x 42" wide (depth varies from 3" to 16" based on chosen mounting Frame).
  • Complete with t-nuts that accommodate standard 3/8” bolts.
  • Mount directly onto Eldorado’s Frames or 2 x 4 ledgers (purchased locally).

Mix. Match. Amaze.

Designing a wall is simple and straightforward.

1. Choose your panel types - Squares and/or 3D Squares.

2. Choose mounting frames for the Squares & 3D Squares.

3. Choose your colors.