Breathe new life into your old walls and save $10,000s. Refresh.

Eldorado is the industry leader in climbing wall refurbishment, expansion, and partial or complete demolition. Before you consider starting from scratch, think about what you can do with what you have while keeping your business open and running.

  • Update the paint scheme.
  • Adjust terrain to make it easier or more challenging to climb.
  • Create a programming/party wall.
  • Patch grooves from carabiners.
  • Replace worn draws, harnesses, and shoes.
  • Add new features like a rappel ledge, a roof, or a crack.
  • Upgrade your flooring.
  • Add TRUBLUE Auto Belays.

Enjoy our project gallery.

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Kendall Cliffs Climbing Gym ReFresh






Simple Process

STEP 1 – Schedule an on-site consultation. During the site visit, Eldorado team members can:
  • Perform an overall assessment of your current wall looking at the structural integrity of the wall surface and support structure.
  • Conduct an inspection.
  • Test and evaluate the current wall surface and suggest possible resurfacing options.
  • Review your current climbing program and explore new wall features and shapes that could help you more effectively achieve your programming goals and enhance your efficiency and climber throughput.
STEP 2 – Develop a ReFresh Plan that suits your budget and maximizes your ROI. After the site visit, the Eldorado Team will:
  •  Provide a written report detailing:
    • Any test and inspection results.
    • Recommendations for ReSurfacing, ReShaping and RePairing your walls based on an analysis of the state of your current wall and climbing program and future needs.
    • Suggest how you might ReTool and ReTrain to increase your throughput, user satisfaction, and general risk mitigation.
  • Meet or hold a conference call with your team to put a ReFresh plan to paper.
STEP 3 – Manage your ReFresh Project
  • Collaborate with the Design Team to craft the new look for your wall.
  • Set the schedule and plan the ReFresh mobilization with the Project Management Team.
  • Watch the magic happen as the Installation Team transforms your wall in a way that impacts your active operations as little as possible.
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ReFresh Possibilities


Changing the color and surface texture of your existing wall may be all you need to transform your space into a vibrant, clean, contemporary climbing destination. ReSurfacing can involve:
  • Designing a color scheme and pattern that will excite your climbers and create a modern atmosphere.
  • Smooth out your wall, removing fossil imprints and deep textures, to improve your routesetting capabilities and update the look.
  • Paint or coat the wall with EldoChrome, our proprietary paint product, or EldoCrete, our proprietary concrete tint and sealer.
BEFORE ReSurfacing – Miramont Lifestyle Fitness
AFTER ReSurfacing- Miramont Lifestyle Fitness


Heavy use and the general aging of any structure will cause damage over time. Climbing wall repairs are a typical part of a ReFresh.
  • Fill cracks and grooves
  • Replace t-nuts
  • Fix surface delamination
BEFORE RePair at the Boulder Rock Club  
AFTER RePair at the Boulder Rock Club


By adjusting the shape of your wall, you can improve throughput, increase climber satisfaction, and optimize facility flow and operation. Share your program goals, user requests, and generally what you like and don’t like about your current walls with the Design Team. Together you can create climbing terrain that serves your near-term and long-term goals. Consider:
  • Adding climbable cracks that vary from fingers to off-widths to chimneys.
  • Expanding your climbable terrain with a new roof or prow.
  • Creating some new landscape with arches, arrets, stalactites, and other features that are super fun to climb and are visually stunning.
  • Offering rock-realistic terrain to provide a bit of the outdoors inside.
  • Reducing the number of angles to increase the size of planes on the wall and increasing t-nut density to allow for easier routesetting.
  • Inserting a fin in a large expanse of wall to create a separate programming or kid’s area.
  • Increase the number of climbing lanes.
  • Adjusting a wall so it becomes a slab and better accommodates adaptive climbers.
BEFORE ReShape at the University of Kentucky
AFTER ReShape at the University of Kentucky  


Sometimes changing up some hardware and equipment can make a huge impact on user experience, operations, and risk mitigation. Here are just a few of the upgrades to consider.
  • Update your rental gear
  • Add TRUBLUE Auto Belays to top rope routes
  • Replace flooring and drag pads
  • Get a fresh collection of climbing holds
  • Replace worn draws and webbing
BEFORE ReTooling with new carpet at the Boulder Rock Club
AFTER ReTooling with new carpet at the Boulder Rock Club  


Over time, front-line staff and leadership change in every organization. When was the last time your team received introductory training or a refresher in best practices? Eldorado can provide your team with the latest information to help them provide the best service to your climbers and take the best care of your wall. Training options include:
  • Routesetting
  • Climbing wall instruction
  • General wall operations
  • Wall maintenance