Some projects defy a label.

When organizations, schools, and homeowners are looking for something gigantic, realistic, spectacular, or any other adjective that describes an unusual bit of climbing terrain, they choose Eldorado Climbing Walls. Eldo comes up with the perfect design and then builds what is beyond the abilities of other climbing wall builders.

Boy Scouts of America Bechtel Summit Reserve – Glen Jean, WV

World’s Largest Man-made Outdoor Climbing Structure

  • REALRock Wall™
  • 60000 sq ft of climbing terrain
  • Large enough to allow 40,000 Boy Scouts to climb during a 7 day period
  • Climbing terrain hand-sculpted and carved to mimic the rock in the nearby New River Gorge
  • 125 climbing lanes
  • 100 bouldering problems
  • 42 rappelling stations
  • Leap of Faith tower

Pensacola Christian College – Pensacola, FL

World’s largest rock-realistic, indoor climbing structure

  • RealRock™
  • 16,000 sq ft
  • Two arches
  • Freestanding boulder
  • Hand-sculpted

Castle Rock Epic Adventure Tower – Castle Rock, CO

42 feet of climbing, 70 feet of freefall fun

At minute 2:26 you can see the 42′ tall Gecko Modular Climbing Wall. The walls provide both a rock climbing experience as well as an exciting option to stairs to get to the rappelling, QuickJump, and FlightLine stations At minute 2:13, you see a person dressed as a beaver jumping off the tower attached to the free fall device called The FlightLine. Enjoy!

Eldorado Canyon State Park – Eldorado Springs, CO

An artificial rock wall as a teaching tool in the world-famous Eldorado Canyon

  • REALRock
  • 42 ft tall
  • 4 climbing lanes and 2 QuickJumps

This wall was specifically designed to teach visitors how climbers scale the world famous walls of Eldorado Canyon. Cracks of different sizes and orientations are placed within reach so people can see how cams and stoppers are placed and what a bolt with a hanger looks like. The hand-sculpted, hand-painted walls mirror the rock just outside the center.