Top 5 Spring Cleaning List Items for Your Rock Climbing Wall

Top 5 Spring Cleaning List Items for Your Rock Climbing Wall

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When was the last time you gave your climbing walls a little TLC? Now is the time.

Climbers, and gym-goers in general, prefer to workout in clean facilities. According to the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) Guide to Health Club Cleanliness, if a gym was perceived to be unclean, customer satisfaction ratings fell from 83% to 43% and retention rates fell from 90% to 52%. Keep your climbers happy and coming back. Give your walls a little TLC. It will go a really long way.


Top 5 ways to spruce-up your climbing and bouldering walls with a little spring cleaning


  1. Take the easy route AND get your setters and climbers super-excited--buy some fresh new holds. Clean, new holds in different colors will spark the imaginations of your routesetters. You will see a marked improvement in the quality of the routes when new holds are in the mix. See Eldo's NEW SPRING COLLECTION.
  2. Replace damaged and old flooring. Has the flooring at the base of your wall become resistant to cleaning and permanantly squished and uneven? New flooring will help reduce trip hazards, make it easier for wheelchairs to roll across, and improve the actual and percieved cleanliness of your space. Learn more about flooring.
  3. Give your holds a bath. Take time over the next few weeks to pull the holds off the wall and give them a powerwash with soap and water then rinse off the soap. Your climbers will LOVE you for it!
  4. Wipe the excess chalk off the walls. While the holds are off the wall, take a sponge that's wet with a little soap and water and give the walls a little wipe down or hit them with air from a compressor. You might be suprised how much chalk builds up around holds.
  5. Vacuum and/or wipe down any flat surfaces. Chalk gets everywhere and hides really well. Tackle the hidden places like the tops of walls and ledges to get your facility spic and span.

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